Most Eco-Friendly NBA Athletes That Care About the Environment

going green with the NBA Most Eco-Friendly NBA Athletes That Care About the Environment

Most Eco-Friendly NBA Athletes That Care About the Environment

going green with the NBA Most Eco-Friendly NBA Athletes That Care About the EnvironmentWe already know about great environmentalists, like Greta Thunberg, and the impact they have on public opinion and changing the behaviour of their peers. However, what about athletes, such as basketball players? Can they have an active role in changing people’s minds?

The impact of professional athletes on some concerning topics can be huge. When professional athletes compete, people are watching and closely listening. It is one of the best ways to raise people’s concerns and use their fan base for something good.

On top of that, professional athletes earn a lot of money, which means that they can invest in “green” organizations that actually do something good for the environment.

When it comes to professional sport, basketball is the third most popular sport in North America and brings a lot of people together. Fortunately, there are some NBA stars that are on a mission to make the world a better place and inspire others to take action as well.

1. Lauri Markkanen
The Finland-born athlete currently playing for the Chicago Bulls showcases his eco-friendly lifestyle and constantly inspires and encourages his fans to follow in his footsteps. First of all, Markkanen drives an electric car which is crucial for reducing air pollution, is on a goal to recycle most materials he uses, minimizes his use of electricity while at home, and recently stopped eating red meat in order to reduce his carbon footprint. He said that, after he became a father, something clicked and he became a changed man. Climate change became a priority for him and he is doing everything in his power to his child will grow up in a clean environment.

2. Danilo Gallinari
Danilo Gallinari is an NBA star that currently plays for Atlanta Hawks and the Italy men’s national basketball team. He started his climate change a few years ago and minimizing his carbon footprint even though with his height he has a literal big footprint.
That is where the campaign #BigFootLittleFootprint campaign started. He has teamed up with many new organizations such as Stand For Trees with a goal to preserve Mother Nature. He says that forests are crucial for the equilibrium of the world. Forests and wildlife are crucial for the world, and as the world changes, we need to find a way to protect them.

3. Yao Ming
The seven and a half feet giant and former NBA player is one of the tallest players to ever have featured in the league, according to The TwinSpires Edge. Now Yao is also working on a project that will bring benefit to the planet. The NBA star isn’t afraid to
stand up for endangered species. He fights against the hunting of sharks for their fins and has denounced illegal animal poaching in public service. He also teamed up with more organizations that translate his voice across the nation.

4. Athletes from Golden State Warriors
The Golden State Warriors became the first NBA team to sign the UN Sports for Climate Action Initiative and show their commitment to combating global climate change.
This is strictly organized for sports organization and their commitment to global climate change. The organization was formed with the objective of achieving a clear trajectory for global sports communities using specific tools to drive climate awareness and action across the entire world.

The Warriors are committing to the program’s five principles:

  • Reduce overall climate impact
  • Undertake systematic efforts to increase environmental responsibility
  • Educate for climate action
  • Advocate for climate action through communication
  • Promote sustainable and responsible consumption

Final Words
There are many other athletes that fund environmentally friendly organizations that take specific actions. However, most of them don’t say that over the press conferences which is a lost opportunity just because they can inspire a lot more people to go in their footsteps.
On top of that, the entire NBA association is trying to “go green”. They are working hard in order to make sure their games have a small impact as possible and support new arenas like Brooklyn’s Barclays Center that became the first sports entertainment venue in New York to achieve LEED silver status.The center achieved this through the installation of low-flow toilets, 91% sustainable wood features, and a Cor-Ten steel framework.

They even use the opportunity to promote good environmental changes such as recycling in the middle of the match.

With that said, it is nice to have teams and individuals that work hard to make the world a better place.

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