More Electricity From Renewables Coming To Australia

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his coterie of fossil fuel worshipers are like King Canute standing at the edge of the ocean and commanding the tide not to rise. All their huffing and puffing is doing nothing to keep Australia from leveraging its most important natural resources — sunshine and wind. Here are two small announcements that individually may seem like small potatoes, but taken together are proof renewable energy is coming to the Antipodes whether ScoMo likes it or not. Adelaide Commits To 100% Renewable Electricity Image credit: City of Adelaide Renew Economy reports that the city of Adelaide, capital of the state of South Australia, has entered into a power purchase agreement with Flow Power that will provide 100% of the city’s electricity needs from a mix of locally generated wind and solar facilities. The new PPA goes into effect on July 1. Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor says the PPA is part of the city’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality, slashing operational emissions by nearly 50%. “The City of Adelaide is taking climate change seriously and this partnership demonstrates that we are taking real and meaningful action,” she said. Being climate aware is one thing, but saving […]

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