Make Flying More Sustainable with Any Wear Anywhere

The Any Wear Anywhere service is designed to reduce the weight of cargo carried on flights and reduce carbon emissions.
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The Any Wear Anywhere service is designed to reduce the weight of cargo carried on flights and reduce carbon emissions. Image: Pixabay

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Make Flying More Sustainable with Any Wear Anywhere Rental Clothing

There’s nothing like getting on a plane with the excitement of going on a new adventure. But with travel comes the stress of baggage, especially those moments of panic when you don’t know if your bag will arrive at your final destination. And we all remember those photos of lost bags that went viral, which caused everyone to travel with carry-on bags, which is stressful on its own. What if I told you that you didn’t need to bring a bag anymore? What if you could rent the clothes you need for your vacation? And to top it all off, you’d be doing it for the good of the planet.  

Japan Airlines is launching a pilot project to allow international travellers the option to rent sets of clothing. Their “Any Wear Anywhere” rental clothing service offers a range of clothing choices which start at less than $30 for two bottoms and three tops. Travellers can rent as many as eight outfits for up to two weeks. All rentals are delivered directly to where the visitor is staying.  

The Any Wear Anywhere service is designed to reduce the weight of cargo carried on flights and reduce carbon emissions. Japan Airlines will keep track of the baggage weight reductions and corresponding carbon dioxide emissions reductions due to the clothing rental service and inform their customers.  

The airline has already reported that for each kilogram of weight avoided from a flight from Tokyo to New York, the carbon emissions from the aircraft are reduced by 0.75 kilograms. As you can imagine, the more weight you put in an airplane, the more fuel you need to burn to keep it in the air. Which is why airlines have weight restrictions for your baggage.  

The Any Wear Anywhere service helps to reduce clothing waste experienced in the fashion industry. All available rental clothing is recuperated from overstock of apparel or gently used clothing that might’ve ended up in the landfill. This helps to reduce the amount of clothing that is produced and discarded, which is a major contributor to environmental problems such as climate change and pollution.

The company offers a variety of clothing options, from casual to smart casual, depending on what you are travelling for. There is an option to rent seasonal clothing, depending on where you travel. This means you can always find the perfect outfit for your trip, regardless of the occasion or the weather.

Any Wear Anywhere also offers clothing sets in a variety of sizes. This is a great option for people travelling with limited luggage space. You can simply rent a set of clothes that are all coordinated, and you will be sure to look your best on your trip. For example, if you are travelling for a business trip, you could rent a set that includes a suit, dress shirt, tie, and pair of shoes. This would ensure that you are always dressed appropriately for meetings and events.

If you travel for a vacation, you could rent a set that includes shorts, t-shirts, and sandals. This would allow you to pack light and have everything you need for a relaxing trip.

The clothing sets offered by Any Wear Anywhere are all high-quality and stylish. They are also available in various sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your body.

Japan Airlines believes that providing a travel experience with minimal luggage creates environmental value for travellers. Therefore, They can create an environment where travellers can use local options for all aspects of their clothing, food, and accommodation and make their trips more sustainable experience.  

It’s an innovative way to reduce carbon emissions when travelling and the waste we’ve generated from the fashion industry. It’s also not an obvious solution but could impact encouraging sustainable travel. In one year, we will see what Japan Airlines passengers thought of the Any Wear Anywhere service and if it will influence other airlines to offer rental services.  

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  1. In the the carbon footprint of flying what difference do a few items of clothing make? How many times will this rental clothing be worn before it’s discarded? Sorry but I don’t see any benefit in this idea, it’s just greenwashing as far as I’m concerned.

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