Majority of Americans Wants Climate Action, Survey Finds

While it may not appear obvious to outsiders, the majority of Americans polled want meaningful action on climate change. it appears the “debate” is almost over.

Whether or not the Trump administration knows or cares, a majority of Americans wants government action on climate change . For the past ten years, the University of Michigan and Muhlenberg College have asked Americans their opinions on energy and climate policies in biannual National Surveys on Energy and […]

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One comment

  1. I have to disagree with the conclusion on this. The majority of people want “climate action”, but other surveys that have been done show that people are willing to pay only trivial amounts for it.

    Also, many people are confused as to what “climate action” really means. They really don’t understand what they are asking for. Finally, it doesn’t differentiate between the various types of climate action. Supporting forest replanting will greatly benefit local climates and is essentially universally supported. However, banning fossil fuels, which due to a loss of continuous reliable electricity would mean the end of our computerized society, is only supported by those who don’t understand the electrical grid.

    The survey as-written is little better than asking people if they hate crime. It’s not meaningful and is quite arguably deceptive.

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