Luxembourg wants to become 1st country to make public transportation free

To alleviate traffic and fight pollution, Luxembourg is planning on becoming the first country in the world to make public transportation free for everyone. Under the coalition government’s plan, starting next summer, tickets will no longer be necessary for trains, trams, and buses. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel was sworn in for a second term on Wednesday, and during the campaign, said he would focus on the environment. Luxembourg has a population of 600,000, with 110,000 people living in the capital Luxembourg City, but roughly 200,000 commuters drive in daily for work from Belgium, France, and Germany. A 2016 study found that Luxembourg City had some of the worst congestion in the world, with drivers there spending an average of 33 hours a year sitting in traffic. The government still has to finalize the plan, including deciding if people should pay for first- and second-class compartments on trains.

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