Let’s talk about meat reduction, instead of elimination

© Reducetarian Foundation Omnivores face little social pressure to reduce the amount of meat they eat, even though this could help the planet. Perhaps it’s time to consider something other than an "all or nothing" approach to meat-eating. Everyone needs to eat less meat. We know this now, having learned about the link between factory farming and greenhouse gas emissions, about the cruelty inherent in industrial agriculture, about the wasted resources and the damaged ecosystems that result when meat is produced on a vast scale. There is growing social pressure to go vegetarian or vegan for environmental reasons. Some people take the plunge, cutting meat out of their diets completely, but there are many who cannot make such a drastic change. They continue as omnivores, perhaps feeling guilty for lacking the determination, desire, or means to eliminate meat altogether. This is an unfortunate situation, because it tends to halt the conversation. A ‘diet dichotomy’ exists, where you either eat meat or you don’t, and there’s no middle ground in which to explore other ways of thinking about food. In the eyes of Brian Kateman, founder of the Reducetarian Foundation , this “all or nothing” way of discussing dietary choices […]

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