Lancaster litter pickers clean up beauty spot for future generations

North Lancashire Green Party organised a litter pick in Scotforth West. Laura Feinberg found common ground with her fellow volunteers when she joined a beach clean at Stodday organised by North Lancashire Green Party It’s the day after the night before. David Attenborough has presented his most shocking and threatening picture of where we are all heading and I have awoken in sombre mood. It is clear that we all must do what we can, from oil companies to charities to businesses and individuals, if there is to be a future for life on earth. Councillors Tim Dant, Abi Mills and Joanna Young who have all been elected in Scotforth West where the litter pick took place. But what can we do? And isn’t anything we achieve but ‘a drop in the ocean’? What’s the point? Well for me today the choice is stark. Sit at home worrying, do my washing, a bit of shopping on the internet or chatting on WhatsApp with friends. I think I remember seeing something about a beach clean in Stodday, a place dear to me and many others who grew up cycling to the Stork pub, running in the fresh air along the […]

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