Japan’s Owl hypercar that goes from 0 to 100km/h in 1.9 seconds takes pre-orders

You won’t be able to test drive it for another year or so, though – the show car was basically a shell, and the test car is back at a warehouse in Japan. Even the powertrain isn’t finalised, as the handful of engineers comprising the Owl team debates crucial details like how many motors to use. The low-slung two-seater certainly looks the part of a Lambo killer. Aspark founder and chief executive officer Masanori Yoshida says the sleek lines are as much about fulfilling his own personal hypercar fantasy as about aerodynamics. The front end is designed to be menacing when spotted approaching in the rear-view mirror, and the tail lights are styled to resemble a smug grin as the car accelerates away. Voluptuous wheel arches and an oversized spoiler give an air of extravagance, but in other respects the car is spartan. There’s little in the way of electronics to speak of, and no assisted-driving features. Overnight trip? Forget about it. The only storage space is the glove box. That’s not really surprising when you consider the Owl’s single-minded purpose. Apart from its blistering acceleration, the car is rather unremarkable for the price. It promises a top speed […]

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