Japan to build world’s first all-electric tanker equipped with li-ion batteries

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Source: Asahi Tanker Japanese shipping company Asahi Tanker has announced it plans to build two “world first” zero-emission electric propulsion tankers which will be powered by lithium-ion batteries. The little that is known about the details is available only through what appears to be a shaky English translation. But it does give the specifications of the two new vessels that will use the “e5 tanker” planned and designed by e5 Lab l – a joint effort announced in August 2019 between Asahi Tanker, Exeno Yamamizu Corp, Mitsui and Mitsubishi Corporation. Set to work as a marine fuel supply vessel in Tokyo Bay, the new battery-powered tanker will measure in with a gross tonnage of approximately 499 tonnes and be able to reach speeds of around 11 knots. With a tank capacity of around 1,300m 3 , base battery capacity for the tanker will start at 3,500kWh. As such, the tanker will achieve zero emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide), NOx (nitrogen oxide), SOx (sulphur oxide), and smoke. Asahi Tanker also hopes to introduce a number of functions aimed at consideration for the crew and the environment, such as various digital tools including automated equipment and Internet of Things tools to […]

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