Jane Goodall Vouches to Plant 5 million Trees in 2020

Will life on Earth exist if there are no forest covers? The answer is undoubtedly a big NO. Green covers are fundamental to life on Earth as they embrace an overwhelming diversity of life. The forest covers oxygenate the air we breathe, purifies the water we drink, keeps soil erosion in check, and works as a shield against climate change. Unfortunately, green covers are being destroyed at a startling rate. The main reasons behind this destruction are: – Consumer demands for beef, mined minerals, palm oil, paper, and many more products. – Dominant, economic and political interests This system is erasing innumerable species, spiking imbalance, endangering the survival of aboriginal communities, and the whole existence of life on mother earth. The only viable solution for the problem of climate change is the protection of green covers, replantation, and restoration of forests. Dr. Jane Goodall has decided to give our Mother Earth a fighting chance with her announcement at the 2020 World Economic Forum. She announced her commitment to contribute five million trees through her organization and partnerships in the next year. She aims to achieve it through replantation or restoration. Planting trees is her contribution to one trillion trees […]

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