Is Soda Pop Sustainable?

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Everybody knows that soda pop has no redeeming nutritional qualities . It contributes to weight gain, diabetes, damages multiple internal organs, and contains harmful chemical ingredients . Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners that may be as unhealthy as sugar. But let’s face it, nobody is giving up their fizzy drinks because of science. Even if we’re committed to our empty calories, it doesn’t mean we have to harm the planet as well as our bodies – or does it? What are the sustainability issues surrounding our soda choices? The Water Like all beverages, soda pop is mostly water . Every liter of soda requires 2.7 liters of water to make – not counting the water used in agriculture to grow sugar. That seems like a lot, but it’s actually better than a lot of other beverages – a single cup of coffee can take 140 liters of water. However, bottling plants are not exactly low-impact industries. Beverage manufactures are most infamous for depleting water supplies in the service of bottled water , but the water used in soda often comes from poverty-stricken, drought-prone areas, too. In India, Coca-Cola has not only contributed to groundwater depletion, it has also been […]

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