How to Travel Responsibly in the Caribbean

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Sustainability expert James Ellsmoor offers his tips for minimizing your impact, encouraging ecotourism, and helping the local economy. From conservation success stories to unprecedented environmental degradation, tourism can be a double-edged sword but, more and more travelers are embracing more responsible forms of travel. In the Caribbean, that often means looking beyond the typical cruises and all-inclusive resorts and exploring the region’s unique cultures and incredible landscapes . A global biodiversity hotspot home to many endemic species, Caribbean ecosystems are admired by scientists, locals, and visitors alike. Sustainable tourism is a growing industry in the region, and it contributes to both economic development and successful conservation efforts. When traveling throughout the Caribbean nations, you’ll notice that the region is slowly emerging as a leader in sustainability, through efforts such as adopting renewable energy and banning single-use plastic. It offers countless opportunities to actively participate in responsible tourism and help drive the environmental movement. The Caribbean has been a victim of its own success in attracting sun, sand, and sea vacationers. In 2016, 46.7 million people experienced the islands’ lush rainforests and coral reefs, but overtourism, a polluting cruise industry, and climate change have had a negative impact on the […]

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