How to Make your Holiday Park More Eco-Friendly

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There is an increased focus on the environment and energy efficiency. We are also seeing a notable rise in the number of people who are choosing to UK staycations instead of holidays abroad. In fact, one survey found that over three-quarters of respondents planned at least one staycation in 2022. Because of these factors, there’s no better time for holiday park owners to upgrade the eco-friendliness of their properties. 

This could involve making modifications to your holiday park, so make sure you check what types of holiday home insurance cover you for expansions or changes. 

Here are a few changes to make your holiday properties more eco-friendly and energy efficient:

Water Conservation

Your holiday properties probably use their fair share of water every year, especially during the peak holiday season. While you can’t control the amount of water your guests use, you can optimise your facilities to be more water efficient. 

There are plenty of water-saving shower heads, taps and toilets on the market, so make sure you do your research and find the best types for your park. 

You could also consider harvesting rainwater. You can then use this for non-potable uses (ie: purposes that don’t involve drinking, cooking or bathing with the water). For example, you might be able to use the harvested water to water the plants in your holiday park during a dry spell, saving money on water bills. 

Waste Management

Is there room to improve the waste management system on your site? It’s never too late to implement a recycling programme. Give your guests colour-coded bins for different types of waste and consider composting your food waste. You can then use the compost to create a healthy growing environment for beautiful flowers and shrubs.

Eco-friendly landscaping

Speaking of flowers and shrubs, make a conscious effort to use native plants when you’re landscaping your holiday park. 

Native British plants and trees are best evolved to survive in our climate and to serve the area’s wildlife. 

They are also a better choice because it produces extra emissions to transport plant life from overseas.

Evergreen trees and bushes are a great idea for your holiday park. They will make sure your property’s grounds look inviting even in the colder months and they are an eco-friendly alternative to fencing. They are also a cosy place for the hedgehog population to hibernate in during winter. 

Reduce energy consumption

As with water, it’s almost impossible to influence how much energy your guests use. You can help yourself and the environment by taking certain measures to reduce energy usage, though.

Replace lightbulbs with LED lights, and you could significantly reduce the cost of bills as well as the carbon dioxide emissions of your holiday park.

If you’re not satisfied with the efficiency of your holiday park’s heating system, investigate alternatives. For example, an air-source heat pump can save you money when compared to a gas or electric heating system. This is because it uses outside air to heat or cool a home. 

Education and outreach

There are ways to gently make your guests aware of your interest in sustainability when you are showing them around their lodgings. Bring their attention to any eco-conscious features the property has, such as the colour-coded bins or the water butt. You could even offer workshops or guided tours that put the site’s sustainability efforts in the spotlight. 

When you enhance the eco features of your property, everyone can benefit; surrounding wildlife, your guests and you. What’s the next thing you can do to make your holiday park more sustainable?

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