How to Help Students Connect With Nature?

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How to Help Students Connect With Nature?

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According to the American Psychological Association, the more time you spend in nature, the more likely you are to enjoy the multiple related benefits. Still, we tend to turn a blind eye to all the scientific evidence that points to these obvious benefits. It is not easy to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the daily routine, and never-ending college assignments to enjoy a few hours a day out in nature.

To help you overcome the challenge, we have identified several effective ways to connect with nature based on research as well as the experience of those who have done it themselves.

  • Stay outdoors as much as you can

Plan your day so as to spend a lot of time outdoors. Take your lunch break outside or use a restaurant’s outside sitting area. Make the most of the good weather to enjoy the fresh air. Take a stroll in a nearby park.

Go for jogging or walking outdoors instead of spending long hours on a treadmill indoors. Not only is this more beneficial, but it is also more fun. There is a reason many treadmills now come with preloaded videos with virtual tours through famous parks, mountain trails, and other landmarks. 

Try to schedule your meetings or study time outside too. Lots of parks now have quiet places where you can easily spend several hours studying against the backdrop of chirping birds. 

  • Adopt a pet

Getting a pet is another great way to connect with nature. This is especially true when you get a dog. The thing is that you can’t, and you shouldn’t keep dogs indoors for a long time. You need to walk them a lot to keep them fit and healthy. This means you choose to walk in nearby parks or forests. 

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  • Ditch your car

Quit driving all the time. Get a bike. This will help you save a lot of money, and it will also help you stay as fit as a fiddle. If you live in a bike-friendly city or neighborhood, make the most of the trails to explore the area. You can also try off-the-beaten tracks to discover new things and learn more about nature.

By doing so, you will be making so-much needed contribution to lowering emissions. You can thus feel like a truly global citizen who is ready to shoulder individual responsibility.

  • Plant-growing

Get into plant-growing. It can be as simple as getting a couple of flowers or getting more serious by getting a small land plot. In some small towns, the local authorities encourage residents to use small plots for personal use. You can grow enough to generate a steady supply of fresh vegetables. 

You can pick low-maintenance plants that won’t require a lot of your time and effort. Go and talk to a local council. Even if they do not have an active project, you might give them a great idea to start one!

  • Group activities

Be proactive in organizing group activities to clean up outdoor spaces. This can be particularly relevant and useful in large cities where the local services might not be able to keep up with growing waste. Encourage your peers, friends, and family members to join you. After all, it is a lot of fun!

There is so much you can do and achieve together. It’s not only about picking up waste. You can plant trees, create a small garden with lots of flowers, or participate in local rescue projects to protect the plants and species endangered by large-scale infrastructure projects or negligent practices of individuals and companies.

  • Get creative

Ever tried painting a picture or writing a story? Don’t be discouraged if it seems too daunting a task. You might possess some hidden talents that just need a slight nudge to explode. Find time to get out in a quiet outdoor space. Find a spot where you feel comfortable and at ease. It is amazing to see how nature can significantly boost your creative skills and talents. 

Even if you come to the conclusion that you will never make an artist, the benefit of spending time in nature will have inexorable effects on your mental health and psyche.

  • Observe wildlife

Enjoy the richness of biodiversity by observing the lives of wild species. Bird-watching may as well become your favorite pastime. You don’t need to become an ornithologist to be able to enjoy the process. In fact, there is a huge army of bird-loving communities that traverse the globe in search of rare and unique species. 

Key Takeaways

Connecting with nature is a practical and logical choice. In many ways, it is in our DNA to want to spend a lot of time outdoors. The evolution of the human species suggests that we are our very best only when we are conversant with nature, other species, and plants. Never think that the lack of time is a good justification for not doing it.

Make conscious efforts to go and about to enjoy a range of activities alone or as a group. Start with something small and easily achievable. It’s not difficult to walk through a park instead of taking a bus. You can choose your book in the garden instead of a stuffy room. If you are an extrovert, you can always encourage others to get involved in group activities that will benefit all.


Michael Carr is an experienced writer and green activist. He has a solid academic and research background in environmental studies. Michael loves outdoor activities, and he is a popular proponent of outdoor leisure and fun activities that benefit students’ physical and mental health and advance their academic performance. 


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