How the most modern waste treatment centre changed Slovenia

By getting residents to separate their household waste and recycling, this town in Slovenia finds a use for 98% of the volume.

Aa Aa The RCERO waste treatment centre in the Slovenian capital is the most modern and one of the largest in Europe. It handles the waste of 58 municipalities. More than 170.000 tons of waste is treated there every year, whether it is biodegradable or not. Up to 98% is recycled into objects, compost or fuel – thanks to the biofuel produced by the fermentation of the compost. In addition, the centre is self-sufficient in terms of energy. The project is supported by the EU Cohesion Policy to the tune of €155m including €77.5 million financed by EU Cohesion Funds. Let’s hear from Edita about how this plant has changed her life. "My name is Edita Sabic, I’m a student who lives in Ljubljana, and I’ve been separating waste for the past 10 years. Ever since the waste plant opened up, a lot has changed in my life. I’ve been working there quite often." Edita works at the plant four times a month as a guide. She shows students and visitors around the site, who typically come from the European Union, the Middle East and North Africa. In just two years the waste centre has changed the way Slovenians […]

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