How Texas Turned Green

What are the politics and policies behind the rise of Texas’ booming renewable energy sector? Texas, home to much of the U.S. oil and gas industry, has become a clean energy superpower. The state already leads the nation in wind-power generation, and solar is booming there as well. Last year, Texas generated more electricity from renewable energy sources than from coal. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic delivers a blow to the state’s struggling oil and gas industry, wind and solar production remain on a trajectory for continued record growth. The rise of renewable energy isn’t the only notable change taking place in Texas; the state’s politics appear to be shifting too. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is polling very close to President Trump, who swept the state in 2016. How did Texas become a clean-energy leader? What are the politics behind this rise? And what are the politics in Texas likely to be more broadly going forward? Could a growing green economy turn this red state blue? Political Climate speaks to Pat Wood, former head of the Texas Public Utility Commission named by then-Governor George W. Bush and former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, where he led […]

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