How Solar Street Lighting Can Impact Your Community

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How Solar Street Lighting Can Impact Your Community

Screen Shot 2022 09 28 at 9.11.11 AM How Solar Street Lighting Can Impact Your Community
Solar street lights have panels that capture light energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. Adobe Stock

A wholly fitted solar street light has PV modules, Gel or lithium rechargeable batteries, a controller, and a light pole. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and available abundantly; thus, it’s sustainable because it’s cost-efficient. 

Installing solar street lights is easy; there’s no trenching and underground cabling needed. 

Street lighting is crucial for any community for many reasons, including enhancing the look of public areas like parks, cycling lanes, footpaths, streets, parking lots, and residential areas. It promotes safety and security among people. Solar street lights are also environmentally friendly because PV panels and LED lamps emit less or no carbon emissions. 

Various companies can provide accessories and installation services for solar powered street lights. This article will highlight solar street lighting factors that impact the community. Read on to learn more.

  • Social Cohesion

Solar street lights create social cohesion in several ways, including the extension of park night time where people can interact as they walk or sit to enjoy a cool breeze. 

Organizing activities like jogging and cross-country races early in the morning is possible. The presence of light brings a feeling of safety and security among people, increasing the use of public assets available.

  • Cost – Efficient

Solar street lights are cost-efficient because they are easy to install, economical, and low maintenance. 

As mentioned earlier, installation is easy because it doesn’t require trenching or underground cabling. You only need a pole to fix the well-integrated panel, battery, LED light, and controller.

Solar lights are economical because there’re no ongoing costs involved. People don’t have to pay any monthly utility fees. Their maintenance is also low, especially when installation is done correctly. You will only need to clean the panels and optics periodically. The panels, for instance, are fixed in a strategic position where they get cleaned whenever it rains. You’re at an advantage when you obtain lithium batteries from reliable companies with extended performance guarantees and warranties.

  • Dependable

Solar street lighting is dependable because it’s not affected by power blackouts. 

For street lights that are electrically powered, it’s possible for a significant area to be affected whenever there’s a problem with the electricity grid. This is not the case with solar powered street lights; people can still do their business even with electricity power blackouts. If there’s a problem with one or a couple of solar lights, you may only lose those, which may also be temporal because the lights are monitored and controlled constantly. You only have to report for them to be checked and fixed.

  • Long-lasting

Solar-powered street lights are believed to be long-lasting compared to electrically powered ones since they can last between 15,000 and 50,000 hours and can serve the community better. Electrically powered lights last between 2,000 and 29,000 hours.

  • Improved Economic and Social Development

Considering installing solar powered street lights is easy and affordable, an expansive public area can be covered. This means more public leisure places like parks can be accessed, and more people operating informal businesses work for longer hours without fear of theft or lack of customers. This extension of time for trading also increases employment opportunities, thus advancing the economy of developing areas.

Solar street lighting greatly contributes to people’s economic advancement, especially in isolated areas where insecurity is a threat. It also creates jobs for the local people in the community, particularly those knowledgeable about solar energy. They get opportunities for tenders and transportation jobs for street light tools at specific sites for installation.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Since installing solar powered street lights doesn’t involve trenching and underground cabling, there’s no environmental disruption. The lithium batteries used are rechargeable and recyclable; they don’t pollute the environment. 

It’s possible to install solar street lights in environmentally sensitive areas like National Parks and archeological sites. The minimal UV spectrum emitted by LED solar lights makes it hard for bugs and other insects harmful to the community to move around in search of food. The fact that there’re minimal or no carbon emissions in using solar panels benefits the community health-wise.

  • Sustainable

Solar-powered street lights obtain energy from sunlight which is a renewable source. Solar is the most efficient and sustainable energy source because it’s available throughout. Solar energy is the option to promote the community’s adoption of the culture of a better and greener environment.

  • Technology Is Smarter

Solar-powered street lights use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), which are smart technology because they are energy efficient, have good colour quality, are versatile, and are long-lasting. Solar street light experts can be alerted whenever the lights have a problem. This efficiency allows community members to go about their business comfortably. 

  • Increased Road And Public Safety

Solar street lighting provides clarity on the roads, reducing accidents, which would be a result of poor vision. The lighting also prevents carjacking cases. 

Solar-powered street lights are not affected by heavy rains, including thunder and lightning. For electrically-powered street lights, there’s a risk of electrocution accidents in case of an electrical power surge.

Solar street lights have significantly reduced the crime rate in local communities because the walkways, streets, and paths are well-lit; there’s no place for robbers to hide. The roads are safe for everyone, including women and children.

  • Well Lit Parking Lots And Common Areas

Solar street lighting has improved the beauty and use of parking lots because they’re more accessible. Common areas like playgrounds for children and grocery shops can also be used and accessed later in the evenings.  

  • Increased Property Value

Community members are attracted to residential areas on well-lit streets and neighbourhoods. Houses in such areas are also fitted with solar panels making energy affordable for residents, which is a plus for any potential buyer considering the ever-increasing cost of living. 


Solar-powered street lighting is a blessing to any community because of the various positive impacts, as discussed in this article. It plays a significant role in prospering the community mainly by enhancing safety and security and generally boosting the members’ appreciation of the entire area. 


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