How nature can help carbon-intensive companies meet their net-zero commitments

nature outdoors forest autumn trees pine trees herbst wald farn t20 OzrzyG How nature can help carbon-intensive companies meet their net-zero commitments

Ramping up efforts to protect and restore tropical forests would slash one-fourth of all global greenhouse emissions. For hard-to-abate sectors like transport, energy and aviation, tropical forests are a key tool for setting and following through on ambitious net-zero climate commitments. The new LEAF Coalition offers a high-integrity platform for public-private co-investment in forests at the scale necessary to support Paris Agreement targets. Nature-based solutions need greater transparency, high-integrity standards and clear guardrails for following through on commitments. With six months to go before COP26 in Glasgow, we’re down to the wire when it comes to producing a plan to halve global emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero by mid-century. We’re moving in the right direction, but too slowly. Recent analysis shows we need to reduce carbon intensity of electricity generation at least three times faster, grow low-carbon fuels’ share in our energy mix eight times faster, and roll out electric vehicles 22 times faster than current rates. Hard-to-abate sectors feel the squeeze But how to close the gap? For some companies, cutting emissions is simply a matter of procuring renewable energy or increasing efficiencies. But for many companies in carbon-intensive sectors like transportation, energy or aviation, reducing emissions […]

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