How drones can unlock greener infrastructure inspection

Drones enable greener, cost-effective inspections of aging and decaying infrastructure. Policy-makers confronting crumbling infrastructure and a warming climate face a double bind: many potential remedies to one crisis negatively impact the other. From initial construction to periodic inspection, infrastructure demands carbon-intensive work throughout its life cycle. Electric drones help resolve this dilemma by enabling greener and more cost-effective infrastructure inspection without cumbersome, gas-guzzling machinery. Case studies from across the globe are proving drones’ potential to sustainably enhance infrastructure resilience. Around the world, vital infrastructure is falling apart. Industrial countries like Italy , Brazil and the United States have suffered headline-grabbing bridge collapses and ruptured dams recently. These often-deadly events have inspired the political will to rebuild. US President Joe Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastructure proposal is moving through Congress. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has called for ¥15 trillion ($137 billion) to improve emergency infrastructure. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson invoked Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous New Deal to promote his own infrastructure campaign. But policy-makers must balance infrastructure against another crisis: climate change. Infrastructure carries larger stakes for climate debates than one might first expect. According to the World Bank , approximately 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions come […]

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