Hot Rock Energy Storage Will Soon Be A Reality In Denmark’s Electricity Grid

copenhagen nominated by jennrnann t20 Ozj94g Hot Rock Energy Storage Will Soon Be A Reality In Denmark’s Electricity Grid

The Danish company Stiesdal, which is behind the TetraSpar full-scale demonstration project of the world’s first industrialized offshore foundation manufacturing and deployment system for wind turbines that I covered a few weeks back , is now realizing the first commercial demonstration energy storage system based on heating up rocks in big tanks on the island of Lolland in cooperation with neighboring island Falster. Hot Rocks The obvious strength of the system is its scalability. I covered test projects in development at DTU in March 2019 that have since shown that the approach of using rocks to store energy as heat is in fact feasible. Image credit: Stiesdal Storage Technologies Following is Stiesdal’s own press release in full: Lolland to become a hub for hot rock energy storage The energy and fibre-optic group Andel has decided to place a new energy storage facility at Rødby, an ideal location when it comes to removing the barriers to the green transition. Odense, Denmark, September 2nd, 2021 Rødby can look forward to becoming the home of a new energy storage facility, which has the potential to remove one of the most difficult obstacles to a future 100% green electricity supply. The facility will […]

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