Honda unveils electric version of CRF450 dirt bike & new electric scooter

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Honda took to the Tokyo Motorcycle Show yesterday to debut its latest EV work. The company unveiled two models including a CR Electric dirt bike and Benly Electric city delivery scooter. For such a powerhouse in motorsports, Honda hasn’t made as much progress on the two-wheeled EV front as one might expect. However that trend might be changing thanks to two new Honda EV models just debuted at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Honda is now showing off prototypes for an electric dirt bike and electric scooter. Honda’s CR Electric dirt bike Honda’s new CR Electric dirt bike prototype appears to share the same frame as the Honda CRF450. The bike also sports the same inverted Showa suspension fork and off road tires as the standard CRF line. Unlike the standard CRF bikes though, this prototype is 100% electric. The twin-spar aluminum frame that has defined Honda’s CRF line of dirt bikes now supports an electric motor in place of the standard ICE powerplant. Honda is being tightlipped on the details and won’t yet share power figures, so we can’t say for sure how many kW that motor is capable of. The motor isn’t a Honda part either. It was […]

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