Hike This Ancient Forest In Idaho That’s Home To 3,000-Year-Old Trees

Idaho is home to all sorts of natural wonders that non-Idahoans don’t even know exist. People are shocked when we tell them that Idaho is home to a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls and one of the largest lava fields in the country. It’s these little-known destinations that make living in Idaho so exciting. There’s even one place that few longtime Idahoans seem to know about and it’s featured below. This old growth forest is home to some seriously old trees, and yet few people realize they’re there. This ancient forest is a spectacular sight, and seeing it should be on everybody’s bucket list. No, you don’t have to travel to Northern California just to see some humongous, old trees. In fact, you can do that right here in Idaho, and trust us—this place is SO worth seeing. Tongan J/TripAdvisor The Giant Red Cedar National Recreation Trail is located just a few miles from the tiny North Idaho town of Elk River. Hikers of this trail will be led into dense forest of old growth cedar trees and taken to "The Champion Tree of Idaho". Colby Bland/Google Looking up at these trees, you can’t help but feel incredibly miniscule […]

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