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Manifesto Explained
By Grant Brown, Founder, Happy Eco NewsSome random who likes the environment

I recently had someone ask me why I am doing this. I struggled to find a really clear answer. It is a pretty significant chunk of time each day on top of my day job. So why do I bother and what do I hope to achieve? I’ve created a Q&A with myself to help sort it out.

Q: Why am I doing the Happy Eco News?
A: I believe many good people have shut down and become desensitized to bad news about the environment. They often choose to deny or become complacent because the problem seems overwhelming like it is impossible to fix. I want to open their minds to the idea of making small changes in their own behavior that will add up to big impacts that benefit the planet.

Q: Why is it important?
A: Because we need a lot of people to make small changes to their day-to-day lives and routines. Small changes in habits add up to big changes to the planet. These habits can either be good or bad.

Q: Aren’t people already doing things like recycling?
A: There are a lot of people who are already taking action but just feel burned out and are not seeing the effects of their actions. They need some good news in order to keep going.

Q: What do I expect to get from it?
A: I personally hope to get a cleaner planet for my kids and a personal legacy of positive change. It feels good to do good things. I also hope to raise money and support others (organizations or individuals) who are doing good work and need the help. I hope that I inspire others to understand that it is not hopeless and that together we can make a positive change.

Q: What does the future bring for Happy Eco News?
A: I see a community of like-minded people working to clean up the environment. I would like to provide support to: young environmentalists, political activists, grass roots and hands on type projects, support for Eco-journalism and publicity for organizations that need it.

Q: How can people help?
A: Send me links to positive news stories about the environment. Share and comment on the posts you see on social media. Pick up trash. Plant a tree. Take a kid on a nature walk. Reduce your impact.

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