Guest Writer Editorial Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines and tips to help you write your best work for the Happy Eco News audience.

Feel free to share personal stories, anecdotes and information about projects and events you are working on, but do not infringe on someone’s privacy or confidential information.

Remember, this is Happy Eco News; we are focused on positive work and solutions to inspire others to start making positive changes in the world. Negative articles that do not provide a solution or a pathway to hope will not be accepted.

Contact Information:

For guest writing inquiries, please email

For content and publishing schedule inquiries, please email

Those interested in backlinks or other web marketing submissions should contact

Writer’s Tips:

Readers enjoy blogs that use everyday language. Imagine that you’re talking to a friend.

You can catch errors and improve your story flow by reading your post aloud or having a friend read it.

Remember the journalist’s “5 W + 1H” rule. That’s when you answer these essential questions for your readers: Who (is doing) What, When, Where, Why, and How.

Post Guidelines

Copyright – As the original author, you retain copyright to your original work. 

Removal – if you decide at a future date you no longer want your content or bio on Happy Eco News or need corrections on the copy, we will do our best to remove or update within a reasonable amount of time. You may do this for any reason (you don’t have to explain to us), but we require written consent from the original author’s email on file.

Content – 1000 to 2000-word story about a current or recent news story, person, or project (no older than six months).

Format – Saved in a .doc format and shared via Google Docs folder or in a compressed file using zip format.

Images – Please keep images as separate files to ensure the quality once published. All documents and images should be contained in this one single folder. Please ensure all images are owned by the author or they have permission to use them. All images should provide a link to the source and attribution.

The naming convention for the folder should be date, author, and title (YYYY-MM-DD).

No commercial external links without prior approval from Happy Eco News. 

Maximum five external reference links per article (to reduce clutter).

All external links will open in a new browser window and will be checked for continuity from time to time.

Minimum one image per article, please.

  • Be sure none of the images you send will violate copyright. If you prefer, we can select and provide royalty-free images.
  • If you include images, please indicate where you would like them in the document and include captions if you like. 
  • Please do not edit royalty-free images or change the file name after they are downloaded.
  • Provide source and attribution for all images.

The article page structure should be as follows:

  • Title, subtitle if required, author and author title (this will link to your bio on HEN) the link to your website.
  • Page copy: first paragraph, image, caption, etc.
  • All text should be your own except when you need to quote. In that case, just credit your sources.
  • To avoid passing on errors made by others, check facts directly.

Author Bio (articles will be attributed to this person).

Approximately a 200-word bio, including URLs for your website and social media accounts, as you prefer.

Headshot image for bio in JPEG (.JPG) format.

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