Green Transport 2022

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Green Transport 2022

As we know, the world is rapidly moving towards replacing petrol and diesel vehicles with electric ones. Many European countries plan to completely switch to electric cars by 2040. Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming part of everyday life. A couple of years ago they were a curiosity. Today, electric cars or hybrids are easy to find even in the regional centers far from the capital. In accordance with demand, their range is expanding. Every major car manufacturer feels compelled to add not one, but several electric models to their production. With prices starting at as low as $25k (ETH to USD) there is no reason not to buy one this year.

As a rule, such cars are not affordable for everyone now, but for those of you who are committed to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, car rental services, including electric car rental, can be used. For example, even vip rent a car in Dubai in order to diversify your driving experience and at the same time not spend a lot of money on a personal fleet, but try different innovative electric cars thanks to rent, and most importantly – without harm to the environment. The availability of rental services will especially please those segments of the population who are not ready today for such an expensive purchase as a car. And yet, let’s find out about the latest in the world of electric cars in 2022.

BMW i4 eDrive 40

BMW unsplash.comphotosHeWrUlV5JSo Green Transport 2022

It is not uncommon today to meet a car enthusiast who does not like the modern Tesla or Polestar. It’s all about their electric vehicle form. But if you take the looks of a classic petrol sedan and combine it with electric components, you get a BMW i4 that even conservatives are sure to love.

The WLTP range is about 563 kilometers, but this is in ideal conditions. Therefore, we are unlikely to be mistaken if we say that during normal operation, the actual cruising range is likely to be slightly less than 500 km. The model also has a serious trump card. The BMW i4 can be charged with a charger up to 200 kW, which will replenish the electric car‘s energy supply very quickly.

Nissan Ariya

For fans of electric cars, Nissan is an iconic brand. Today, the Leaf is now in its second generation and remains one of the most compelling EVs for those who don’t have the money or the inclination to splurge on a premium. This year, another serious electric “argument” will appear in the arsenal of Nissan. The new model was called Ariya.

This is a mid-size crossover with cutting-edge design. Two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions of the Ariya will be available. Customers will also be able to choose between a smaller (63kW) or larger (87kW) battery version. In the first case, the manufacturer promises a range of 370 km, in the second – up to 500 km.

Porsche Taycan GTS

If we are talking about long-range models, then it is worth taking a closer look at the Taycan in the GTS version, which will be released this year. Thanks to a battery with a capacity of 93.4 kWh, the car will certainly be able to overcome significantly more than 500 kilometers. Unfortunately, Porsche has not yet announced official range figures. At the same time, the model charges its battery much faster than most competitors. Here, DC charging can reach 262 kW, while it will hold about 200 kW to 60% of the battery.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

The EQS model is an analogue of the legendary status S-class. But it features a more futuristic design and, of course, electric motors that give the imposing sedan an equally impressive dynamic. At the moment, a rear-wheel drive version with 329 hp has been announced. from. and all-wheel drive with 518 liters. from.

Tesla Model S Long Range

Tesla unsplash.comphotos3GEjlaH9h3o Green Transport 2022
Tesla –

The Tesla Model S sedan is already quite an old electric car. True, every time Elon Musk shows that the car has almost endless potential for modernization. And the Long Range package has a battery capacity of about 100 kWh. Power reserve – 663 kilometers. Tesla has a huge advantage over its competitors in the form of an advanced Supercharger charging network, which eliminates all the disadvantages of the Model S Long Range.

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