5 Reasons Why Green Consumers Should Travel by Train

5 Reasons Why Green Consumers Should Travel by Train.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

5 Reasons Why Green Consumers Should Travel by Train. Image Unsplash.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

5 Reasons Why Green Consumers Should Travel by Train

Many of us love travelling but as a society, we’re becoming increasingly aware of the potentially negative consequences our travels can have on the environment. If you’re keen to see the world and explore new locations but want to minimise your environmental impact, then train travel could be the answer. Here are five reasons why green consumers are choosing to travel by rail.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Trains emit less CO2 than other transport methods, such as aeroplanes and cars. For example, if you travel from London to Paris via plane, you’ll emit approximately 122 kilograms of carbon dioxide. The same journey by car would emit 48kg, whereas if you take the train, the emissions will be just 8.3kg per passenger. Trains are also more efficient, requiring less fuel and in many parts of the world, trains are increasingly being powered by electricity.

Less Noise Pollution

Trains are responsible for less noise pollution than other methods of transport. Admittedly, it may not feel this way if you live right next to a railway line, however, whilst aeroplanes can reach up to 120 decibels, even at close proximity trains only reach around 85 decibels. This isn’t only more pleasant for people living nearby but is also better for wildlife too.

A More Relaxing Way to Travel

Train travel can be a more relaxing way to travel, especially for those who are afraid of flying and as a slower, lower-stress way of travelling, it also encourages mindfulness. When travelling by train, you can enjoy the scenery, chat with your fellow passengers and see places from a different perspective. Unlike driving, there are no traffic jams or wrong turns with rail travel and you can see more of the places you’re travelling through than you would from the air. This allows you to live in the moment and appreciate your journey, and we can bring this mindfulness to other areas of our lives, including our attitude towards and treatment of the environment.

A Greater Choice of Destinations

Very few cities have airports but most towns and cities will have rail links, meaning there’s a wider choice of destinations to choose from. This is particularly true if you’re travelling from or through the UK’s big cities such as Manchester, Birmingham or London. For example, when travelling from London King Cross station there are a multitude of local, national and international destinations available.

A More Flexible Way to Travel

Rail travel offers greater flexibility than many other forms of travel, with train services running frequently and timetables readily available to help you plan your journey. Trains are easy to use and they offer a multitude of stopping points meaning that unlike when you’re flying or sailing, you can get off the train at as many different stations as you like along the way. This not only allows you to tailor your journey to your specific needs and get closer to your exact destination but also means that if you’re travelling for pleasure, you can see more places along the way.

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