Going Green with Style Using UAE’s Eco Rides

Going Green with Style Using UAE's Eco Rides.
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Going Green with Style Using UAE’s Eco Rides. Photo by Mike Bird Pexels.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Going Green with Style Using UAE’s Eco Rides

With the future looking closer, many areas in the world are looking at new ways to be a little greener. Helping the planet in any way possible can help people enjoy their time and not worry about zero emissions. The UAE region is already provided greener transportation to assist their thousands of tourists. Rental sites such as enjoyrent.ae or public transport are provided more eco-friendly rides to help everyone get around. We can explain and show you what kind of rides you can expect when visiting the UAE. 

Rise of Electric Cars

Electric cars offer the most convenient transportation at low fuel costs. More advanced electric cars are being made every year. Since Dubai is one of the hotspots of the automobile market, you can expect to find the latest models available to rent when you arrive. Electric cars are powered by a battery instead of regular fuel. You can charge up your electric car by using any of the available power outlets found in charging stations. When renting out an electric car, the provider will let you know of any available charging stations within the UAE region. 

Here are a few examples of electric cars you can find to rent:

  • Tesla Model Y
  • BYD Han
  • Tesla Model X
  • Audi E-Tron GT
  • BMW iX
  • Porsche Taycan
  • Mercedes Benz EQS

As of May 4th, the UAE is unveiling an ambitious project involving the electric vehicle market. The government aims to have at least 42,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2030. The number of available charging stations for these cars has already increased by 60% in the past three years. By the same year as the end goal, there will be over 70,000 charging stations for all EV owners. Many local residents are already showing interest in purchasing or renting one for themselves.

Eco Tours

 For those that are visiting the UAE, you can take tours that utilize electric cars to the fullest. These Eco Tours allow you to drive around the region in an eco-friendly vehicle. While it costs just an extra 0.05 AED per kilometer, the ride completely removes carbon emissions from the journey. With zero emissions, travelers can enjoy exploring the city without any harm to the environment. Since these are rides offered by a service, you won’t even need to drive yourself. It’s like calling for a taxi with little to no smoke being released into the air. 

Eco Ride Recommendations

Here are some of the top Eco tours you can find in the UAE: 

  • Visitors Destination Tours & Safari – This eco-tour specializes in desert and safari trips. You can explore the vast UAE wilderness whilst saving energy in an electric vehicle, built specifically for off-road travel. 
  • Emirates Falcon Tourism – A department that helps create new experiences with alternative ways of traveling. This includes things like parasailing and hand-gliding through the desert. What better way to save energy than with win-powered travel? 
  • Grace Ocean – It isn’t just land-vehicles that are saving energy. Even boat rides now have options for low-fuel travel. Electric boats are rarer but are currently undergoing massive developments. It is the hope that more eco-friendly tour boats will be available in the future. 
  • Dhow Cruise Dubai – Run by the Baba Group of Companies, this cruise-line is entirely powered by low-emission fueling. As well as having a range of services, you get to explore the entire Dubai creek whilst living in luxury. 
Some of the top Eco tours you can find in the UAE.
Some of the top Eco tours you can find in the UAE:  Photo by Alvaro Palacios Pexels.

Advantages of Green Energy

It is important that the world tries to be greener now more than ever. Low pollution and less carbon dioxide mean less harm done to the planet. The UAE has an entire ecosystem around it that is home to dozens of unique flora and fauna. The entire coast is filled with rare aquatic species and beautiful coral. The more work is put into renewable energy, the more beautiful the UAE can be. 

The city of Dubai is known to be not only a gorgeous sight but a bastion of technological marvels. Mixing culture with modern science is what Abu Dhabi is all about. Especially when it comes to cars and travel. The next time you visit the UAE, try looking at these new green methods of transport. 

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