Gigawatt-scale: the world’s 13 largest green-hydrogen projects

Gigawatt-scale: the world's 13 largest green-hydrogen projects

Despite all the challenges that 2020 has brought, a staggering 50GW of green-hydrogen electrolysis projects have been announced this year, out of a current global total of 80GW, as more and more countries announce ambitious clean-hydrogen strategies to help them decarbonise transport, heating and heavy industry. Many of these projects are gigawatt-scale, with the hope that their immense size will quickly bring down the cost of green hydrogen through economies of scale — in the same way that the prices of wind and solar power have fallen exponentially over the past decade. EU leaders stress green hydrogen priority in race to net-zero It has been a remarkably rapid development for green hydrogen when you consider that the world’s largest electrolyser currently in operation is only 10MW, and that most of these gigawatt-scale H 2 projects will also be among the planet’s largest renewables plants. Here are the world’s 13 biggest green-hydrogen projects now under development — all gigawatt-scale and adding up to 61GW — led by a facility that would be both the largest ever wind farm, and the largest ever solar array. 1) Asian Renewable Energy Hub (14GW) Location: Pilbara, Western Australia Power source: 16GW of onshore wind […]

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