Giant tortoise found in Galápagos a species considered extinct a century ago

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Ecuador has confirmed that a giant tortoise found in 2019 in the Galápagos Islands is a species considered extinct a century ago. The Galápagos national park is preparing an expedition to search for more of the giant tortoises in an attempt to save the species. The turtle was found two years ago on Fernandina Island, one of the youngest and most pristine in the archipelago, during a joint expedition between the Galápagos national park and the Galápagos Conservancy. Scientists from Yale University then identified it as the Chelonoidis phantasticus species, which had been considered extinct more than a century ago. “Yale University revealed the results of genetic studies and the respective DNA comparison that was made with a specimen extracted in 1906,” the Galápagos Park said in a statement. In the Galápagos Islands , which served as the basis for the British scientist Charles Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species in the 19th century, many varieties of tortoises live together with flamingos, boobies, albatrosses and cormorants, a family of species of aquatic birds. It also houses a large amount of flora and fauna in danger of extinction. “It was believed extinct more than 100 years ago! We have […]

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