From sharks to sea turtles – how Dubai is protecting its marine life and coastline

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Aa Aa The Hawksbill turtle is native to the Middle East and listed as critically endangered with only an estimated 8000 nesting females left worldwide. In Dubai, they can be found along kilometres of the city’s coastline which conservationists are keen to preserve. Arabian Carpet sharks are another species that live in the water off the coast and protecting these breeds has become a team effort. From animal sanctuaries to volunteers and community groups, Dubai is taking action to rescue, rehabilitate and maintain the native wildlife The Turtle Sanctuary at Jumeirah Al Naseem hotel was set up in 2004 and so far, they’ve rescued 1900 sea turtles. Tristan Delmas, hotel manager, Burj Al ArabDubai Tristan Delmas, Hotel Manager at the Burj Al Arab, said the aim is to return injured turtles back to the sea and provide long-term care for those who will never be capable of going back into the wild. Diversity of sharks and stingrays "So we care for them, some receive surgery, and after we put them into the lagoon, so they can get stronger before an official release," he said. The turtles in this lagoon range from three to 100 years old and they receive […]

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