FREITAG stores are full of cardboard and chopped up old tarps. How do they look so good?

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© FREITAG Every bag they make is different, which creates a real marketing and display problem. FREITAG has been making bags out of used vinyl fabric from the sides of European trucks since 1993, and I suspect that almost every single one is still in service. The fabric is tough and the straps are old seat belts, all materials that last almost forever. Margaret described them: Perhaps what is most remarkable about Freitag is that it is the antithesis of fast-fashion. The first messenger bag designs, introduced 25 years ago, are still for sale. Some designs may be retired, but the introduction of new items operates completely outside of the fashion world’s arbitrary seasons. The price tag is comparable to some haute couture handbags, but the design and durability will outlast them. Lloyd Alter/ a truck on the autobahn/ But as I noted in my post about buying my bag in Berlin , they have a marketing challenge. Because they are made from used tarps from the sides of trucks (they can pack in more stuff and it is easier to access than solid sides), every bag is different. It’s harder than marketing shoes, where you have lots of […]

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