Food-growing vertical gardening system fills in under-utilized urban walls (Video)

© From railway viaducts to alleys in between buildings, there are a lot of under-utilized spaces in our cities that could be converted into more useful functions, like affordable housing or community spaces . These empty urban spots could also be used for growing food, as the Greenbelly project — a collaboration between AVL Studio and agriculture engineer Camille Lassale — proposes. Currently being crowdfunded , Greenbelly is a vertical gardening system that converts residual urban spaces into "productive centres" for local neighbourhoods, with the hope of increasing food security, agricultural knowledge, and forging bonds between members of the community. The project also hopes to tackle problems like food deserts , while reconnecting "existing architecture with nature." Architect Alex Losada of AVL Studio says: With Greenbelly, we propose a sustainable project at a manageable scale by recycling spaces, materials, and urban resources. We can make a greener and healthier city, feed people in need or teach the origin of the food to children. © © The idea here is to use recycled materials like pallets, formwork materials like metal scaffolding and wood in order to create modules that can be scaled up to cover empty urban […]

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