Features Of SaaS LMS Over Hosted LMS

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Features Of SaaS LMS Over Hosted LMS

A Learning Management System has many features that you might not be aware of. A few of the features are not related to eLearning, but rather they contribute to the smooth running of the organization.

Many SaaS LMS such as Litmos, Paycom, and others are available with a wide range of features. Which LMS should you choose? This question can be quite daunting. However, you need not worry. Because we are going to talk about the crucial features of SaaS LMS over a standard hosted LMS in this article below.

Quick to Launch

Launching and deploying an LMS platform no longer takes weeks. By using a cloud-based LMS, course delivery can be done across multiple devices at the same time. With the help of standardized features and deployment procedures, installation is significantly sped up. With this simple and fast process, you can add courses and manage your portal right away.

Mobile Compatibility and Autoscaling

In an age where most of the web traffic comes from mobile devices, it is impossible to ignore their importance. For an eLearning platform to be successful, mobile compatibility and autoscaling are essential features. LMS that are SaaS-based ensure that learners have the same learning experience on any device with ease. As your eLearning platform grows, you won’t need to worry about the compatibility and functionality of your LMS. The best way to accomplish this is through a separate mobile app and responsive design.

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

Accessibility was a limitation of hosted LMS. You may be able to access a hosted LMS only if your network allows it. Depending on your network, certain devices, regions, or locations will not be accessible. Even though some of the features are desirable for your LMS, you shouldn’t let them limit it because of poor hosting.

The SaaS LMS can solve accessibility problems. It can now be accessed anywhere and at any time. An internet connection and a smartphone are all you need. Some SaaS LMSs even allow offline learning. The learning data is automatically updated when the internet connection is restored.

Multi-Site Support

Onboarding to a SaaS LMS will give you access to multi-site functionality. A multi-site LMS can serve as an independent portal or version. This means one company can have multiple LMS installations within the company for departments, divisions, etc. Multiple learners can be managed in the same LMS simultaneously. In addition, the multi-site setup facilitates updating the data at the same time, allowing learners to access it. Using multiple sites, you can offer multiple instances of the same LMS without spending a lot of money.

Cloud Storage

Rather than on your device, your SaaS LMS stores all of your data securely in the cloud. The space that data takes up on a device is one of the biggest concerns for many users. A cloud storage service can take care of this concern. Cloud storage that’s scalable can give you peace of mind. It won’t matter how many users, courses, or total storage space is in your LMS since you can manage it easily.

No Management Required

You already relieve half of your stress by using a SaaS LMS, as you don’t need to manage the LMS manually. The service provider takes care of all LMS system installations, updates, and management. Take a deep breath and let your LMS service provider handle everything!

Security & Backups

In addition to the benefits of cloud-based LMS, enhanced security contributes to their popularity. The LMS provider will secure, encrypt, and backup your data. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn about the capabilities of your LMS provider’s backup, restoration, and imaging processes. If there is a critical failure or downtime, mechanisms are in place to help your LMS return to normal as soon as possible.

Auto Upgrades & Updates

After you update the course, the new features are automatically applied. As a result, you can create exciting new courses for your learners. Therefore, you will always have access to the most recent updates, integrations, and security updates.


The purpose of this article was to help you understand what a cloud-based SaaS LMS has done to change the eLearning landscape. Compared to a hosted LMS, this tool is much more exciting, cost-effective, and convenient. By implementing a SaaS-based LMS, your company will always be one step ahead of its competitors. No matter how big or small your e-learning operation is, or how much experience you have, there is no better option than SaaS LMS.

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