Essential Science: Green space linked to slower cognitive decline

Green space linked to slower cognitive decline. The outcome of the research is the establishment of a relationship between a sizable neighborhood green space and a higher mental capacity for residents.

This was shown after researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health studied 6,500 people based in the U.K. over the course of a ten year period. Previous studies had established a connection between access green spaces and a beneficial effect on mental health. The new study goes further, drawing connection between green spaces and a positive role in reducing cognitive decline in the elderly. This is in relation to the type of reduction in cognitive function that forms part of the aging process. Green spaces A field in England, located close to Watford, Hertfordshire. Green space is an umbrella term, and one that does not have a common definition. The term describes either a maintained (like a park) or unmaintained (such as a nature reserve) environmental areas. The purpose of an open space reserve can extend to the preservation or conservation of a rural character. Mental health Sunken garden at Kensignton Palace, London. With mental well-being, research suggests that individuals who move home from a less green to a more green area show significantly […]

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