Enriching Ways to Live the Zero Waste Lifestyle

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Enriching Ways to Live the Zero Waste Lifestyle

A guide to help pave the way to a non-waste lifestyle to save Mother Earth

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We see climate change on the news. The weather reports on the morning television urge us to save the earth by being mindful of the things we consume. Our local grocery shop has even implemented a no plastic bag day, or for some- every day is a no plastic day.

While it may seem daunting to begin to navigate the world of a non-waste lifestyle, there are simple ways to start. Whether you are a beginner in the zero-waste lifestyle or are somewhat of a Mother Nature expert, there is always something to partake from this article. Keep on reading to achieve your new eco-friendly lifestyle!

The “Why” is Important

Before you begin this journey, it is important to establish why you are doing so. Having a goal or a reason behind an entire lifestyle change will help you stick with it in the long run. Therefore, it is vital to write down or at least begin a discussion about why this is important to you. Writing it down as a goal or resolution can also help you keep going on days when you feel overwhelmed. On a side note, you can read here if you want to know the details behind the zero-waste lifestyle.

Consume A lot Less!

This seems simple, but it is often overlooked. You buy an extra pair of earrings, an extra pair of shoes, an extra leather handbag, an extra sweater or two. You get it. The list goes on and on. Without realising, you end up with an array of all these unnecessary items stashed into the backend of your cupboard. Not only is it not used, but you end up outgrowing them, albeit in size or taste.

Therefore, it is more climate-friendly to consume less by either going thrift shopping, buying second-hand clothes, or even making them yourself. Fast fashion is not great for the climate, so be cautious the next time you go window-shopping.

Compost, Maybe?

You can and should compost waste. This can be done by designing a specific bag or even your own backyard garden. Most of the waste can be composted by soil, so you should aim to dispose of it using this system. You will not only spend a lot less on garbage bags, but Mother Earth will love you for it.

Plastic Free

Try using a cute tote bag instead to do all your grocery shopping. There are plenty being sold in stores with stylish and trendy logos. It is way more aesthetic than the usual plastic bags. Besides, you will be saving the planet while you do so.

You can also swap the liquid detergents by buying refills and storing them in a biodegradable jar or bottle. This will save a lot of waste and plastic! You can even do the same with body washes– just keep refilling them each time you want to buy one.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Oh yes! You do not have to only get bamboo chopsticks to feel fancy. You can also opt to buy bamboo toothbrushes, which are not only aesthetic but is highly biodegradable. This will be especially important for the environment since we are constantly changing toothbrushes.

Coffee Mug

Bring your own coffee mug to work or purchase one of those Starbucks reusable cups. It is not only saving the environment, but it can also keep your coffee warmer for longer. You will be hitting two birds with one stone.

Get A Wrap

Swap out the old cling wrap for the silicone wrap. These tend to accumulate over time, and you might incur a lot of waste. To avoid this and be on track for the zero-waste lifestyle, using an environment-friendly wrap may be the way to go.

The Incredible Bulk

Yes, you heard that right- buy in bulk. No, that does not include clothes or makeup. Instead, you should buy your groceries in bulk to avoid waste. For example, when you buy rice regularly, you may want to get a hefty amount, so you do not repeatedly purchase the plastic of the smaller size. This will also save you gas and time, which helps the environment with zero waste included. You can also get your coffee beans in bulk and make them in a coffee machine. This is ideal than the French press, which requires using the sifting paper to lead to more waste.

Choose High-Quality

Choose to purchase high-quality products that are built to last the years. It would keep you from buying the same couch repeatedly. Not only does this save you money in the long run, but it would also keep the zero-waste lifestyle alive and well.

Digitize Your Reading

There are many reading apps that store your books, like Kindle, for instance. You can also purchase audiobooks and listen to your favourite book on the go, in the tram, or on the subway while you are on the way to work. If you have old books that you no longer want to read, you can donate them or even recycle them. Either way, there are many ways to keep your reading down to zero waste.

Paperless Bills

You can opt to send all your bills digitally through your email. You no longer need to scrummage around your wallet to keep those printed receipts. It not only clutters your handbag, but it also ends up in the trash. Making use of modern tech to keep your bills digitized would be a great way to conserve nature.

There you have it; a few changes here and there get you a zero-waste lifestyle that protects Mother Earth. Not only do you end up saving money in the long run, but you will inevitably feel good doing it. You can conserve the planet starting today. Even by making the most miniscule of change, you will have made a significant impact on this planet. Keep calm and get on the zero-waste lifestyle.

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