Embracing the National Biostrategy Plan: 3 Ways Businesses Can Reduce Fossil Fuels in Single-Use Packaging Today

good natured® understands the many business considerations that go into a decision to make the switch to from single-use packaging to bio-based alternatives.
Reading Time: 3 minutes

good natured® understands the many business considerations that go into a decision to make the switch to from single-use packaging to bio-based alternatives. Image: good natured

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Guest Post by: Katie Gillespie, Senior Business Development Manager at good natured®

In March 2023, the White House announced an ambitious goal to replace 90% of fossil-fuel based plastics with bio-based alternatives over the next two decades. This strategy signaled a huge commitment from the government towards more climate-friendly solutions, specifically to start reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, and favor bio-based materials and manufacturing over petroleum-based options.  

While more eco-friendly policies are a great step forward for the environment, what impact will they have on businesses that rely on single-use plastic packaging to deliver their products?

As a company that’s been transforming bio-based technology into innovative plant-based packaging for over 15 years, good natured® understands the many business considerations that go into a decision to make the switch from single-use packaging to bio-based alternatives. They’ve partnered with businesses big and small to be their single-use packaging go-to, providing affordable options to meet their sustainability goals and the evolving expectations of their customers to be environmentally conscious.

Three Tips for Businesses to Become More Eco-Friendly

  1. Conduct an inventory of your business’s packaging and what It’s made of. You might be surprised when you look under the hood (or lid!). While the numbering system for plastics can give the impression that the packaging can and will be recycled, many plastics are not readily accepted by curbside recycling programs in North America. Current recycling rates in the United States are in the single digits, and recycling of petroleum-based materials is unlikely to significantly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in the near future. Bio-based alternatives exist for many packaging applications today, and a growing number of suppliers are able to offer bio-based solutions.
  1. When switching to more earth-friendly packaging and products, look for manufacturers with experience converting biomaterials into a finished product. Other considerations include manufacturers that can assist with packaging design and biomaterials formulations that work for your business needs and end-of-life requirements. For example, good natured® designs and manufactures food packaging, home and commercial products in North America from bio-based feedstock and turns them into readily available plant-based products that are either commercially compostable or curbside recyclable.
  2. Let your customers know all about what you’re doing to make more eco-friendly improvements, as it builds brand loyalty and puts you front and center of the sustainability movement. Given the shift in consumer mindset to favor more sustainable products and the release of new government commitments, like the White House’s Biostrategy plan, you may find that customers are asking more from the brands that they choose when it comes to what the product is packaged in. By collaborating with a reputable packaging partner, you can take the guesswork out of communicating your sustainable packaging choices and ensure that your customers understand and appreciate your efforts. With a knowledgeable partner by your side, you can focus on what you do best – creating high-quality products – while leaving the packaging design and communication to the experts.

Making the transition to more sustainable practices may seem like a daunting task for any business. With the right support and resources, it can be a truly rewarding and exciting process. The world is witnessing a wave of innovative eco-friendly technologies and materials that offer unprecedented opportunities for businesses to embrace sustainability and make a positive environmental impact. 

Talk to potential bio-based packaging manufacturers that may be outside your current supplier network to learn more about the sustainable options they can offer. You might be amazed by what’s already possible in the emerging world of bio-based technology. Consumers are aligning with brands who are taking the steps to embrace environmentally conscious business practices and who are inspiring others in their industry to do the same. What an exciting time to be making a difference!

good natured Products Inc is a publicly traded company on the TSX-V: GDNP and the OTCQX: GDNPF.

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