Eco-Friendly RVs are Changing the Way We Vacation

Eco Friendly RVs Img 1 Eco-Friendly RVs are Changing the Way We Vacation

Eco-Friendly RVs are Changing the Way We Vacation

What do you do when you want to help the environment but also want to travel and see the world? Road trips and sustainability can coexist, and it goes beyond making simple swaps in your life. You can decrease your carbon footprint by investing in an eco-friendly RV, which allows each family to take road trips and vacations without worrying about the damage they do to the environment. 

Eco-friendly RVs let you offset carbon emissions with other sustainability practices, or you might opt for a vehicle that runs on electricity. Whatever the case, these vehicles are the future and might become more prevalent than the RVs of old very soon. Here’s how these vehicles are making a difference in the world and why you should consider investing in one.

Eco Friendly RVs Img 2 Eco-Friendly RVs are Changing the Way We Vacation
Eco-friendly RVs are the future. Image: iStockPhoto

What Are Eco-Friendly RVs?

Everyone needs a vacation, and an RV provides families with built-in travel homes they can take wherever they want. RVs are popular ways to travel, allowing households to pile inside one vehicle and take a trip anywhere without worrying about where they plan to stay the night. They are handy for going on road trips, so many people opt for them as a way to take a big, cross-country vacation when they have ample time to work with.

Eco-friendly RVs typically have several functions that allow them to benefit the environment or otherwise offset the cost of carbon emissions from running the vehicle. Many households are making small changes to be more environmentally friendly. They build up over time into a major difference from how the household used to be. A simple way for families to change their actions is to cook at home more and opt for reusable items, like grocery bags or Tupperware, to store their food and leftovers.

Sometimes, going green isn’t always the easiest or most convenient option. Reusable items cost more than single-use products, but you’ll be paying for their durability. Similarly, eco-friendly RVs may cost more than their counterparts, but you’ll find that their quality and commitment to the environment are well worth any price you could pay. Overall, when most automakers commit to becoming environmentally friendly, you may want an RV that can keep up with the changes.

How Eco-Friendly RVs Make a Difference

Eco-friendly RVs are different from standard models because they typically have all the sustainability built in from the start rather than added as upgrades. Opting for an environmentally friendly vehicle from the get-go means you won’t have to make any changes, which might save you money in the long run. These vehicles can make a difference in the environment and your wallet.

1. Recycled Materials

Many of these RVs are made with recycled materials. Not every vehicle can say the same thing, so it’s doubly interesting that your RV will have been made completely out of reused metal and other materials inside and out. Some are made with the thought that they’ll be recycled at the end of their life spans.

2. Kynar Usage

Manufacturers are switching to Kynar rather than formaldehyde. Kynar is a finish that holds everything together, and many environmentally friendly RVs are made with it. Kynar coating can withstand pressure and chipping, meaning that your eco-friendly RV will stay beautiful even after it’s weathered several journeys. The alternative is formaldehyde, which can be dangerous to human health.

3. Energy-Efficient Appliances

RVs are created with the idea that they will be your home as you travel. As a result, you must have appliances that work with you to save energy while going about your daily activities. Energy-efficient appliances are easier and cheaper to repair and often last longer than older models that are not as eco-friendly. Opting for energy efficiency helps you save money and boast environmental friendliness.

4. Solar-Powered Roofs

Solar energy is becoming one of the biggest breakthroughs in energy-efficient technology. Many households are finding ways to implement solar into their outdoor decoration, often in the forms of yard lights and fairy lights. Several homeowners are installing solar panels on their roofs, so why not look for them on your next RV? This could generate some electricity for your vehicle’s appliances. Then, as you travel, you won’t have to worry about not having power.

5. Zero Carbon Emissions

Individuals are becoming more aware of how carbon emissions affect the environment and want to move away from gas-guzzling vehicles. RVs are so large that people may not think they can run only on electricity. However, electric-powered RVs will only become more prevalent in the future as EVs become more commonplace. An RV with zero carbon emissions ensures you’re doing what you can to benefit the environment.

Where to Find Eco-Friendly RVs

Several RV manufacturers are pivoting toward more environmentally friendly vehicles. Because people spend time in their RVs on vacation or while traveling the country, companies can’t skimp on deluxe features that make these vehicles feel like home. Vacationers may feel more inclined to get eco-friendly RVs once they know they are an investment that can last a lifetime. 

Some people may not think RVs will fit their lifestyles, but they can check out several options, such as taking out a loan or other creative ways of financing a purchase. You can find individual vehicles online or at any RV dealership.

Several manufacturers have begun to make eco-friendly RVs that will revolutionize the industry in the next few years. Anyone who wants an RV in the future should keep their eyes on the industry, as they may find offerings will improve over time and become more eco-friendly. Plan how to finance your RV in the next few years and you’ll soon have a vehicle that serves as a built-in hotel for all your travels. You’ll be able to go anywhere with your family at a moment’s notice and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Eco-Friendly RVs Are the Future of Travel

Many people rely on RVs for long vacations with their families. They go out to see the world, and RVs are with them every step of the way. Eco-friendly RVs are becoming more commonplace, with several features that will promote the well-being of the environment and sustainability above all else. The hope is that RVs of the future will be fully recyclable. 

Around 25% of the American population thinks about climate change frequently, and these eco-friendly vehicles are the perfect fit for the future. Your vacation might look a little different than what you were used to, but purchasing one of these vehicles will contribute to the health of the planet and potential savings in your bank account. Vacations as you know them may be getting even better.

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  1. In the UK there is a campaign giving support to motorhomes and campervans, which tour the regions, spending their money in the local economy, to encourage councils to welcome them into their communities by providing Service Points and Overnight Stopover places.
    The group is CAMpRA –
    Service Points are places where the on board storage tanks can be disposed of responsibly (toilet waste, too) and fresh water can be taken on, every 3-4 days. Fuel stations and car wash businesses can take advantage and make a new income stream to help build the infrastructure that Motorhome Tourism requires.

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