Eco Amplifier: Holy Holy

Eco Amplifier: This Week, Holy Holy. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Eco Amplifier: This Week, Holy Holy. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Holy Holy, this Week’s Eco-Amplifier

Indie music is one of the most varied and interesting genres one can be involved in. Some bands are more acoustic-centered, others more rock-oriented. Others still are more synth supported, but the one thing uniting them all is their focus on independence from any specific defining sound, and often also in how they release their music, hence the name. 

The Australian indie scene has been remarkably successful in facilitating the growth and recognition of its artists, and many have gone on to see worldwide success. Some that come to mind are Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, and King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard. 

One band that could be on the verge of seeing a similar level of success coming out from the land down under is Holy Holy, a musical duo of Timothy Carrol and Oscar Dawson. 

Holy Holy are by no means newcomers to the industry, as they have been making music on their own for more than a decade, but together they have been creating some of the most exciting indie rock music that is out on the internet. 

Utilizing nostalgic synth sounds and bright guitar riffs, songs by Holy Holy never sound the same as the one before in the tracklist. Their lyrics range from confessional love songs to calls for change in a subtle yet profound way. 

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Holy Holy began making music together in 2011, after having known each other for a long time. According to Timothy Carrol, “Oscar was living in Berlin, and he came to Stockholm to do other music work and asked if he could stay on my couch. We wrote a song together that weekend; I liked it and the direction it went in.” 

The rest has been history, as Holy Holy has released thought-provoking and soul-healing music ever since then. Holy Holy was a contestant in the 2022 Environmental Music Prize, submitting their song Port Rd. A song about the trials and tribulations of instability and danger during the pandemic, it is certainly one to add to your playlist. 

Their latest track, Pretend To Be, can be streamed here, and you can check out their tour dates here.

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