EasyJet plans to fly electric passenger jets by 2027

British airline easyJet is making progress on its plan to fly electric passenger jets on some of its routes by 2027. Its partner, US startup Wright Electric , has successfully flown a two-seater electric aircraft, and is now moving to the next stage of engine development. Wright is now working on an electric engine for a nine-seater plane that is scheduled to fly next year, and has filed a patent for a motor to be used in a larger, easyJet-size aircraft. EasyJet is targeting a 10% cut in carbon emissions by 2022 by using more fuel-efficient jets, and hopes to have electric planes flying on routes of about 500 kilometers within the decade. “Electric flying is becoming a reality, and we can now foresee a future that is not exclusively dependent on jet fuel,” easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren said. Source: CNBC

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