EarthCom – The World’s First C2C Certified Tote Bag

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EarthCom – The World’s First C2C Certified Tote Bag

Guest Post by: Suhaab Shah from EarthCom 

The Plastic Problem 

With the growing understanding of environmental conservation and awareness, everyone is seeking for environmentally friendly ways to lower their carbon footprint. Change is believed to begin at home, which means it begins with YOU and your own consumption. Humans have been using plastic for decades without realizing that it never decomposes properly, and even if it does, it takes about 1000 years to do so. From plastic bags to plastic straws, our lives have been centered on plastic for centuries. Each year, the United States alone consumes 100 billion plastic bags…for an average of 12 minutes. That bag will take up to 1,000 years to degrade 1, which may not seem like a huge problem, but the Earth will lose 1,000 years in 12 minutes. Let that sink in.

People often believe that the canvas reusable bags they have purchased are the environmentally beneficial option, however they might really be worse for the environment than the plastic bags they are designed to replace.

What should a health sensitive, ecologically conscious buyer is to do, given the various concerns tugging us in different directions—our health, the environment, climate change? The question of what will replace plastic bags has become increasingly serious as plastic bag bans gain favor throughout the world.

A Solution to the Problem

Our solution is EarthCom; the world’s first Cradle to Cradle gold certified tote bag. It is 100 percent biodegradable and the first and only reusable bag that breaks down into nutrients when planted, rejuvenating the soil. Our bags bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability, so you don’t have to give up your personal style to live a more sustainable life. Our bags are multipurpose, and they may be used to take groceries, a day at the beach, or just lunch to school or work. By purchasing EarthCom bags, you are supporting the circular economy and helping to reduce environmental harm. Saving the planet has never been so simple.

image1 EarthCom – The World’s First C2C Certified Tote Bag

But What Does It Mean To Be Cradle to Cradle Certified? 

To simply put, it implies that all of our bags are created using the Cradle to Cradle certification’s five pillars: material health, material reutilization, renewable energy, water stewardship, and social fairness.

Material Health – Made using chemicals that are as safe as possible for humans and the environment. We ascertain that each of our suppliers signs a statement certifying that no harmful chemicals have been added to the raw materials.

Material Reutilization – Products remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse from one product use cycle to the next. We create our products using materials that originate safely in nature or industry and can be properly recycled.

Renewable Energy & Carbon Management – Manufactured using renewable energy. The impact of climate changing greenhouse gases due to the manufacturing of the product is reduced or eliminated.

Water Stewardship – Ensures watersheds are protected and clean water is available to people and other living organism. We evaluate and optimize water to guarantee that it is not mismanaged or used inefficiently.

Social Fairness – Business model that honors all people and natural systems affected by the manufacture of the product. We perform self-assessments and third-party audits using globally recognized tools to detect local and supply chain concerns

With EarthCom, we aim to transform the entire bag industry from a “use to waste” cycle to a “use and reuse” product cycle in perpetuity. We want to give back to the planet rather than take away from it. Any debate on why EarthCom should be accredited is generally predicated on the numerous advantages that come with it.

Eco-friendly tote bags have become a popular alternative to single-use plastic bags in recent years. Eco-friendly tote bags provide promotional value for the business while also having the potential to assist the environment due to the material used in manufacture, the guaranteed longevity, and the price.

To fully comprehend the complete range of harms and advantages of a certain bag, we must examine its life cycle, a plastic bag takes 500-1000 years to degrade in a landfill, a polyester bag takes 200 years to degrade, and a woven polyethylene bag takes 30 years to breakdown, however an EarthCom tote bag takes just three months to degrade while simultaneously providing nutrients to the soil to sustain a circular economy.

Our raw materials are sourced directly from organic farms in India. EarthCom tote bags are made using renewable energy, which means that we generate electricity from three windmills, and our bags are carbon neutral. We employ a highly efficient reverse osmosis system that allows us to reuse 95 percent of the treated water while also monitoring contaminants and flow-out fluctuations.

We also have a Tree Planting initiative in collaboration with Treeapp, where customers may plant trees for bags purchased, or any site visitor can subscribe to a tree subscription if they desire. This helps consumers lower their CO2 footprint even further and contributes to EarthCom’s aim of regenerating the Earth.

image0 EarthCom – The World’s First C2C Certified Tote Bag

Sustainability: a buzzword

One drawback of all of this is the amount of greenwashing that occurs when businesses claim to be environmentally sustainable and manufacture 100 percent sustainable products while, in reality, they do not match the standards for sustainability and see sustainability as a buzzword or an exaggeration. Many major companies that sell tote bags include a sustainability slogan, however the ink used to print the slogan contains high chemical content, which damages and contaminates our soils once it reaches the end of its life in a landfill. As a result, the industry has become extremely competitive and flooded with bags that profess to be ecologically friendly but aren’t. There are numerous manufacturers, but just a handful adhere to strict environmental regulations. However, we at EarthCom appreciate transparency and ensure that material health is prioritized, therefore we consistently aim to understand the constituents of every material in our products and optimize the use of safer materials. 

EarthCom’s Green Initiative 

We believe that sustainability is at the core of progress, therefore our bags meet 12 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, from design to manufacturing and distribution, we seek to infuse these values into every stage of our business operations. We recognize our environmental and social responsibilities and take pride in EarthCom’s mission of preserving nature’s balance.

Our bags are available in three different styles: classic, robust, and lifestyle. All bags may be designed with personalized logos, colors, and taglines, with the EarthCom logo and QR code on the back. You can create your logo with a logo creator online. They’re also sturdy and long-lasting, so they may be used over and over again. The density of our tote bags is 330 GSM. What does that imply, you might wonder? The bags are made of long-lasting, flexible, and recyclable materials that may be imprinted with a personalized message or an illustration. By employing recycled materials, harmful materials are prevented from entering our oceans and ending up in landfills.

EarthCom strives to maximize societal and corporate value in a number of ways as a sustainable business strategy. Ensuring that the product is ecologically friendly is one of these aspects. This will be done by deviating from the industry standard of making non-biodegradable bags. It also offers a number of benefits as a result of its whole value chain, which is built on repurposing bags. This will aid in resolving the issue of biodegradable bags, which are becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, because EarthCom is an organic product, it will have a good impact on the ecosystem. Our goal is to provide consumers with a truly sustainable product solution that supports the circular economy and benefits the environment rather than harming or destroying it.


In the end, the single use of any bag is the worst option. We, at EarthCom, provide you the most comprehensive solution for lowering your environment impact. Because we believe in a circular economy, every time you use an EarthCom tote bag, a single-use plastic bag is removed from the system. To place an order, go to or contact us on Instagram at

If you’re a business that cares about the environment, you may place a test order for your club/brand/organization, and we’ll customize it to your requirements. This will make a great gift for your brand and employees, plus it will help offset carbon emissions in the long term. An emphasis on manufacturing environmentally friendly items in the future will result in a greener earth.

Visit to explore our bags in three incredible styles. All of our bags are manufactured with 100 percent sustainable pigments and printing, allowing you to provide a fully sustainable product option to your customers.

Are you passionate about one of the five C2C pillars? You can get in touch with us. We at EarthCom think that working together and collaborating is more effective than working alone. Contact us if you want to be a part of the long-term solution to regenerating and regrowing our planet.

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