Earth911 Podcast: The ChangeIt App Promises Climate Improvements

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The ChangeIt app for iPhone and Android devices promises to help “busy people that want to fight climate change.” Earth911’s Mitch Ratcliffe talks with ChangeIt creator Tiago Ferreira about how he designed the app, why it avoids calculating the user’s total carbon footprint, and how early users are engaging with climate goals and the community. The app is designed to coach users through adopting new habits, including sharing good ideas, and unlike other apps does not first walk the user through calculating their carbon footprint. Tiago tied ChangeIt into the Discord chat app to support a growing community of users, and because Discord is popular with younger gamers we think it provides an interesting entry point to learning about sustainability. Tiago Ferreiera, who created the ChangeIt app, is our guest on To give ChangeIt a try, download the app for Android at Google Play or the iPhone version on the Apple App Store . Subscribe to Sustainability in Your Ear on iTunes and Apple Podcasts . Follow Sustainability in Your Ear on Spreaker , iHeartRadio , or YouTube

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