Earth911 Podcast: Discover Biobased Plastic with UBQ Materials’ Tato Bigio

Earth911 Podcast: Discover Biobased Plastic with UBQ Materials’ Tato Bigio
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What would the world look like if we could turn post-consumer waste, including food scraps, paper, packaging, and other materials into a bio-based plastic? Tato Bigio is co-founder and CEO of Tel Aviv-based UBQ Materials , which makes a low-carbon bioplastic using the waste headed for landfills. Its UBQ material can be used to make rigid plastic components for buildings, shipping palettes, and even food service trays at McDonald’s restaurants. Bigio explains how each ton of UBQ bioplastic reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 15 tons, resulting in an almost carbon-neutral production process. Tato Bigio, co-founder and CEO of UBQ Materials, is our guest on Earth911’s Sustainability In Your Ear. The company is beginning to roll out the technology globally. Bigio reports he is hearing from brands that environmental responsibility is increasingly important to their success and survival. UBQ is building facilities in The Netherlands and has created an early partnership with a Virginia recycling system — they want to build close to waste sources and manufacturing locations that can use the recycled bioplastic to minimize transportation impacts. To learn more about UBQ, visit their website . Subscribe to Sustainability In Your Ear on iTunes Follow Sustainability In […]

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