Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation Initiative

The Deutsche Bahn green transformation initiative is committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040.
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The Deutsche Bahn green transformation initiative is committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040. Image: Unsplash

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation Initiative is committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

The Deutsche Bahn AG is the national railway company of Germany and is the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. It is self-described as the second-largest transport company in the world. The rail company has committed to going green and promoting sustainable travel with what it calls the Deutsche Bahn green transformation initiative.  

The Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation Initiative includes four main commitments:  

Climate Protection  

Deutsche Bahn has committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2040. This includes shifting to 100% renewable power, ending diesel, and starting the heat transition. Since 2018, all of their passengers traveling on their long-distance electric trains have been traveling on services powered by 100% green energy. Several of their regional lines have also been converted to 100% renewable power.  

The Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation Initiative is testing low-emission alternatives to pure diesel drives. They are testing hydrogen systems, which consist of a refueling station, train, and maintenance infrastructure. They are also testing battery-powered trains and developing the associated infrastructure.  

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Nature Conservation  

As part of the Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation initiative, they are doing their part by protecting natural habitats, especially when it comes to building new rail lines. Whenever they have to create new rail facilities, they also make sure to create new habitats for the environments they are disrupting. They constructed a new S-Bahn connection between the city’s international airport and stadium in Frankfurt. To minimize their impact, they removed and rewilded the disused rail line, which now has native oaks growing on it. Since 2010, the company has implemented over 53,000 nature and wildlife conservation activities.  

Resource Protection  

Deutsche Bahn plans to implement a fully circular economy by 2040. They are using more recycled materials and renewable raw materials to achieve this. They are increasing the use of recycled materials in the use of rail steel, ballast, and concrete ties. They are also using 3D printing to print replacement parts for their trains, which helps conserve the use of raw materials. The company has already 3D printed 100,000 parts used for more than 500 applications.  

The company recently announced that under the Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation Initiative, they will move away from disposable food and drink containers on their trains. Passengers will soon be able to get their meals in reusable dishes made out of high-quality porcelain or glass. This aligns with Germany’s policy that requires all restaurants to use reusable packaging for takeout food products.  

Additionally, all of their leftover food is turned into green energy. The rail company has partnered with LOGEX to make biogas that is utilized in combined heat and power plants. They also use leftover food as organic fertilizer for the agricultural sector.  

Noise Reduction 

Deutsche Bahn is committed to reducing the noise from their rail fleet. By 2030, the company aims to reduce noise levels for over 800,000 people living adjacent to tracks. This includes constructing noise barriers beside tracks and installing soundproof windows and other noise-reducing fittings in buildings. They are also retrofitting new and old freight cars with whisper brakes. 

The Deutsche Bahn Green Transformation Initiative is really helping to transform the rail transportation industry. The initiatives mentioned above are only a handful of the 164 actions the company is taking to minimize their impact on the planet. They will continue to improve their services to cater not only to their customers but to the environment.

Deutsche Bahn isn’t a small, local rail company; they are a big name in the transportation industry, and they are proving that even big companies can do their part for the planet. The Deutsche Bahn Green Transportation Initiative inspires other rail companies worldwide to implement and help promote and encourage green transportation.  

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