Denmark wants to make climate impact labels mandatory for food

Public Domain MaxPixel — A sign at a Swedish grocer says "Choose eco!" Appliances have labels for energy efficiency, so why not food? "If the rest of the world produced food the way we do in Denmark, the world would be a better place." These words were spoken earlier this month by Morten Høyer, director of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, which made international headlines for its proposal to add climate impact labels to food. The council would like to oblige food manufacturers and supermarkets to rate their products’ impact on the climate and environment, in order to help shoppers make more educated decisions. As CNN reports , the council also sees it as an opportunity to "promote best practices when it comes to mitigating the effects of farming on climate change." Denmark has apparently been working with the European Union for ten years to develop a climate impact label for food, but after the International Panel on Climate Change published its jarring report earlier this month, stating that extreme measures are required within the next 12 years if global warming is to be kept below 1.5C, the Danish government included food labelling in its 38-point plan for […]

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