Danielle Elsener develops “zero-waste” design system to reform fashion industry

Elsener’s graduate collection was designed using the A020 system Royal College of Art graduate Danielle Elsener has created a toolkit to help fashion designers reduce waste and save "an insane amount of money" through more efficient pattern cutting. The project, which was recently declared the winner of Virgil Abloh ‘s sustainable design programme in partnership with Evian , consists of a system of tools and workshops that aims to eliminate the 15 per cent of material wasted in the production of an average garment. "When creating zero-waste designs, there are so many limitations at each stage of the manufacturing process that creating a whole system is the only real way to move the industry forward at the pace it needs," Elsener told Dezeen. "While creating beautiful, timeless garments is a passion and an amazing skill, sharing a system of creation allows a whole new generation of designers to think differently." At the basis of A020 is a set of pattern masters, which Elsener developed during her time studying menswear design at the RCA. These help designers approach a piece of fabric like a puzzle, in which any empty space can serve a purpose within the finished garment. "The masters […]

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