Cox Enterprises Accelerates Sustainability Goals by 10 Years

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CSR Cox Enterprises Accelerates Sustainability Goals by 10 Years
Cox Conserves’ new strategy will achieve carbon and water neutrality by 2034

Cox Enterprises announced on January 21, 2021, that it has accelerated its goal to be carbon and water neutral from 2044 to 2034 as part of the company’s national sustainability program, Cox Conserves. The new Cox Conserves strategy expedites the company’s zero environmental footprint goals by reducing, replacing and recycling within its own operations, along with developing new renewable projects and partnerships to offset impacts.

Since Cox set its original goals in 2013, clean technologies and renewables have advanced,
and the costs associated with these industries have decreased. At the same time, the pace of climate change has led to ever-worsening consequences and driven a more urgent need for change.

“Our planet is in crisis,” said Ira Pearl, vice president of environmental sustainability. “Corporate involvement is critical to addressing climate change. When companies, governments and people work together, we can build a more sustainable future.”

By achieving carbon and water neutrality 10 years earlier, Cox will substantially reduce its total greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere, while also having a meaningful impact on both drinking water and water-related ecosystems. The Zero Waste to Landfill goal will retain its original target of 2024.

New River Cox Enterprises Accelerates Sustainability Goals by 10 Years
New River Clean Energy Facility captures landfill gas to generate renewable energy and reduce methane emissions.

Recent advancements in clean technology and the reduced cost of renewable energy have now put these goals within closer reach. The company’s new strategy includes a clear roadmap to achieve these accelerated goals, including:

  • Reducing Cox’s energy use (75% of our carbon footprint), while replacing the energy we
    must use with renewable resources.
  • Leveraging new and emerging technologies, utilizing a whole facility approach to reduce
    energy demand and generate green energy, reducing water use, and driving waste
  • Reducing water consumption by 30% within our facilities and working with external
    partners on projects to replenish the remaining 70%.
  • Investing in rainwater harvesting, water reclamation and facility water reductions to
    achieve the 30% reduction within Cox's built environment.

Cox also partners with its highly-engaged employees, who are a tremendous source of
inspiration and ideas to help achieve water and carbon neutrality. The company is enhancing employee education on what can be done at work and home while offering more immersive and engaging ways for employees to participate.

Golden Isles Cox Enterprises Accelerates Sustainability Goals by 10 Years
Golden Isles Conservation Center is bringing a new technology to the U.S. and making a positive impact on the environment. The Center utilizes an Italian pyrolysis technology that is being used for the first time in the U.S. The eco-friendly process utilizes organic materials such as wood chips to generate heat, which breaks down tires into their original components and produces synthesis oil, carbon black, synthesis gas and steel.

With nearly $140 million invested in more than 400 projects, Cox has long been committed to driving meaningful progress toward environmental change. Some of its investments include New River Clean Energy, which captures landfill gas to generate renewable energy and reduce methane emissions, and the development of 63 solar arrays in 34 locations. To learn more about Cox’s commitment to sustainability, visit

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