Could a Green Party chancellor lead Germany?

Could a Green Party chancellor lead Germany?

Annalena Baerbock, Green Party co-leader, is gearing up for Germany’s elections in September [File: Annegret Hilse/Pool/Reuters] Berlin, Germany – The German Green Party has announced that Annalena Baerbock, its co-leader, will be its candidate to replace Angela Merkel as chancellor ahead of elections in September. “Now begins a new chapter for our party, and if we do it well, for our country,” she told reporters on Monday. Baerbock has called for a political renewal that will meet the challenges posed by a warming planet and deliver prosperity to all Germans, from poor single-parent families to industrial workers. “Climate protection is the task of our time. The task of our generation,” she added. Her candidacy comes at a moment when worries about climate change, frustration with the government’s pandemic response, and fatigue at 15 years of conservative rule have propelled the Greens to likely king-makers once votes are counted later this year. But the Party’s ambitions lay higher still. As it nips at the heels of Merkel’s panicked Christian Democratic Union in opinion polls, many are asking: Could a Green chancellor lead the world’s fourth-largest economy? Baerbock’s green activism began at a young age, when she joined her parents in […]

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