Community solar, urban trees and the digitization of employee engagement

pexels max kiev green city vakhtbovych 6143369 Community solar, urban trees and the digitization of employee engagement

Kyiv in happier times. In 2017, the city was recognized as the greenest metropolis of Europe. Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Courtesy of Google Maps Close Authorship Side-by-side images of two Detroit neighborhoods illustrates the disparity in tree cover. Credit: Google Maps. A perennial concern of corporate sustainability professionals — how to nurture employee buy-in for the organization’s programs and strategy — easily could have been sidelined during the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies everywhere shifted to accommodate remote workforces. But heightened awareness about environmental and social issues over the past year has made these initiatives more timely than ever. Leading companies, including tech firms Microsoft and Akamai, are expanding their focus into new realms — ones that explore the intersection of sustainability and human health, or that allow employees to take action to reduce their own impact at home and in the communities where they live. "Many employees want to live out their personal values at work and are asking for these programs," said Richard Keiser, CEO and founder of community solar company Common Energy, during the GreenBiz webcast last week about engaging employees in sustainability. Over the past several years, Common Energy has developed and refined a Clean Energy Benefits program, through which a company’s employees can enroll in community solar projects as a way of addressing their personal […]

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