Coke and Pepsi abandon the plastics lobby

New York (CNN Business)Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, two major sellers of plastic bottles, have made sweeping sustainability commitments . Now they are stepping away from a plastics lobbying group . Both soft drink companies are trying to increase the amount of recycled plastic they use in bottles. They want to improve recycling infrastructure and ensure their packages are recyclable. But the Plastics Industry Association has ties to the American Progressive Bag Alliance, which encourages states to make plastic bans illegal. Participation in the association could tarnish Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s images as companies working to find solutions to plastic pollution. The association took positions that "were not fully consistent with our commitments and goals," Coca-Cola said in a statement last week, noting that it withdrew from the group earlier this year. Pepsi said it had joined the association to learn about innovation as it works to "achieve a circular economy for plastics." "We do not participate in the policy advocacy work of the association or its subsidiaries, and our membership will conclude at the end of this year," Pepsi said. Coke and Pepsi "made the wrong choice" by being a part of the lobbying organization, said Dianna Cohen, CEO of the […]

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