Climate emergency declared in the UK

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Fossil Free News is a twice-monthly newsletter bringing stories of the climate movement from around the globe. Sign up here to get it delivered once every 2 weeks. In Case You Missed It Tipping point? Both Paris and London witnessed new powerful acts of climate civil disobedience. Over 1000 Extinction Rebellion activists were deliberately arrested in London and their stark messaging and controversial tactics caught the public mood as a heatwave struck the UK over the Easter weekend. Similar scenes erupted in Paris as 2000 people took direct action targeting the state and its complicity with big polluters like Total. Read more Greta Thunberg at the UK Parliament. Photo: Evening Standard Telling the truth: Greta Thunberg and British youth climate strikers were in the UK parliament last week, adding their voices to the demand for a climate emergency. Greta gave her uncompromising indictment of the government’s continued support for fossil fuels. She called their push to develop fracking and new coal mines “beyond absurd’. Hear her full speech Climate emergency: Just yesterday, on May 1, the Parliament responded by declaring a climate emergency , hot on the heels of the Welsh government earlier this week. “ This can set […]

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